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Site Selection Process and Site Plans


Early in the preliminary design phase of this project, a number of potential water treatment plant (WTP) site locations were considered.  From all considered, six potential sites were selected for further evaluation.  During the public outreach process, two additional potential WTP sites were added to this evaluation, making the total eight.  In addition, two potential lake intake site locations were considered and evaluated.  These sites are shown and labeled on the Site Alternatives Map found here.  Eight site combinations (WTP + Lake Intake) were evaluated in more detail as explained below.  The existing Interim WTP site near Chambers Landing was eliminated as too small to accommodate the proposed plant.

The WTP/Lake Intake site alternatives evaluation began with the development of evaluation criteria. Those criteria were compiled into a matrix for the eight site combination alternatives. The matrix was divided into the following groups of criteria: Technical Feasibility; Operational Considerations; Geographical Location; Land Use Compatibility and Acquisition; Environmental Impacts; and Relative Project Cost. The scoring utilized a scale of high, medium and low impacts as well as a weighting factor multiplier of one through three, depending on the relative significance of the criterion.  The results of this evaluation are shown on the WLTRWTP – Site Alternatives Matrix

Based on this evaluation, three potential WTP/Lake Intake site combinations were selected for more detailed analysis and evaluation.  Those three were:

  • Lodge Drive WTP and Chambers Landing Lake Intake
  • Chamberland Drive WTP and Chambers Landing Lake Intake
  • Lagoon Road WTP and McKinney Shores Lake Intake

These three potential sites were included in the District’s public outreach efforts.  Additionally, various environmental evaluations were completed on each one.  Based on a tremendous amount of public input and based on the environmental studies, the TCPUD has identified the Lodge Drive WTP and Chambers Landing Lake Intake as the preferred project site configuration.

The Lodge Drive WTP Site is a vacant parcel located west of State Route (SR) 89 on a California Tahoe Conservancy (CTC)-owned parcel.  Use of this site requires CTC Board approval of appropriate property rights.  The Chambers Landing Beach Lake Intake site has existing TCPUD lake intake facilities.

The thumbnail below presents a schematic site design for the Lodge Drive WTP site location.  The site designs show approximate building size and orientation, proposed site access, and include photos of the surrounding environment.  They are preliminary and schematic in nature and may be modified based on public input, regulatory requirements, and final design.

(image can be opened to a full screen image by clicking them)

Aerial Photo Overlay – Lodge Site
Lodge - Aerial Photo Overlay - 3-2-15 2



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