Timeline and Budget

cropped-best-tcpud-logo-color-w-name.jpgWest Lake Tahoe Regional Water Treatment Plant
Project Timeline and Budget

Project Budget

Design and Permitting          $2.2M
Construction                           $9.27M
Total                                          $11.47M

Current Funding Partners:
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Potential Funding Sources: 

The TCPUD will use water rate revenues and property tax revenues to fund this project.  As always, the TCPUD will look for outside funding to offset TCPUD funds to the maximum extent possible.  Possible funding sources include; the Placer County Water Agency; State of California drought funding; and any other potential funding source.

Project Timeline:

Project Initiation: Jan. 2013
Environmental Review Complete: Oct. 2015
Final Design and Permitting: In Progress
Bid Project for Construction: TBD
Construction: TBD
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